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With over three decades of expertise, we specialize in manufacturing quality membrane switches, graphic overlays, and dome arrays tailored to the unique needs of diverse industries worldwide. Our commitment to excellence ensures durable solutions that integrate seamlessly, setting new standards in reliability and customization. 

Explore our range of products as follows:


Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is an electrical on-off switch that is its own category of interface utility. It consists of a screen-printed electrical circuit. It can sometimes include backlighting. A membrane switch is durable and can be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Hard Coated Top surface
  • Antibacterial Top surface
  • Tactile or non tactile switch
  • SMT Leds mounted
  • ESD shielding

Application Areas

  • Marine Instrumentation
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Medical
  • Commercial

Capacitive Switches

Capacitive switches work by interfering with the charge flowing through the circuit. By touching the capacitive switch, a change in the capacitance will occur. This sudden change in electrical current will inform the circuit to respond with the correct command. Unlike a membrane switch, capacitive switches are non-tactile.


Graphic Overlays

Sometimes referred to as the membrane switch overlay, a graphic overlay is the interactive layer that guides the end user towards proper use of the product. To be effective, the graphic overlay should be simple yet elegant and engaging yet practical.

To help ensure you receive a product that will serve you well, we provide various material options including, but not limited, to polycarbonate, polyester, hard-coated, and anti-bacterial.

Apart from the possibility of various materials, we also provide top coats that will give you your desired texture. Such textures include velvet, gloss, matte, and fine.


Dome Array

Under the graphic overlay, lies the dome array: the muscles of a functioning circuit. Dome arrays are created in such a manner that provides the user with the recognizable, tactile feel. The ‘dome’ – as found in its name – can be made with metal or plastic, depending on the customer’s preference and needs.

  • Metal Domes
  • Gold Plated
  • Nickel Plated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sizes – 5mm to 16mm
  • Shapes
  • Round
  • Triangle
  • 4-Leg
  • Activation Force
  • 200g to 500g
  • Life up to 1,000,000 cycles

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