1. Membrane Switches /Capacitive Switches/ Keypads


Application area:

Microwave ovens, Weighing machines,

Personal safes, Security systems,

Medical products, Home appliances.


Our products:

1. 3 layer flat type.

2. With tactile dome - metal / polydome.

3. Assemble with surface mount LED & FPC connectors.





2. Flexible Printed Circuit


Application area:

Computer keyboard, Barcode scanner,

LCD connection, Telecommunication equipment,

Home appliances.


Our products:

1. Single Layer.

2. Double layer with thru hole.

3. 3 layer - flat type or with polydome.



3. Overlay / Nameplate / Textplate / Graphic Plate


Application area:

Remote control, Office equipments,

Consumers electronics appliances, Automotive.


Our products:

1. Multiple colour match in house to requirement.

2. With polydome emboss.

3. Various texture & hard coating.

4. Highly transparent coloured filter.





4. Heat Transfer Label


Application area:

Fabrics, Scaf, Most polymer base material.


Our products:

1. Vivid colour & clearity.

2. Good wash & rub fastness.

3. Easy transfer.


5. Mouse Pad & Specialty Printing


Application area:

Mouse pads, Coasters, Table mats


Our products:

1. Antislip base.

2. Superthin (t : 0.3mm).

3. Cleanable (with easily wipe).



6. Die Cut Services


With various type of materials.

Polymile / PC / PET / FR4 / FR4 / Fiscpaper /

FR700 / PVC etc.




7. Design & Prototyping Services


1. Membrane switch.

2. Flexible circuits.

3. Advertising and Promotion products.

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Scrint Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. Jalan PKNK 3/7, Kawasan Perindustrian Sungai Petani, Sungai Petani, 08000, Kedah, Malaysia,Asia,Earth,World SCRINT Technology (M) Sdn Bhd established in 1993 specializes in the supply of screen printer electronic component to the electronic industry. We are today one of the leading manufacturer membrane switch in Malaysia. We strive to improve by closely working with the industry and institute of higher education to design, develop, and test new usage of the switches. Our manufacturing facility is located in the Sungai Petani, Malaysia,South East Asia,Asia,Earth,world which is easily access through Penang International airport, or Penang port. The facility covers a floor space of 12,000sq feet. It is fully equipped to design, produce, and test the full range of our products. " We take great pride in our team of workforce which consists of forty person. This team is very lean, experienced, and flexible, and we are able to fulfill and exchange job function as and when is required. The average length of service is five years." membrane switch manufacturers, membrane keypad manufacturer,global membrane switch,Earth membrane switch,world membrane switch, Malaysia membrane switches,global company,global technology,asia company,asia technology, asia industry,asia innovations malaysia sdn bhd,malaysia sdn bhd,South East Asia Membrane Switch,malaysia membrane switch,malaysia industry,malaysia company,electro capacitive switches,capacitive level switches ,capacitive touch switch using pic ,capacitive touch switches ,capacitive touch panel switches,capacitive touch membrane switches,capacitive touch light switches ,capacitive light switches ,electro capacitive switches keyboard ,capacitive key switches ,what is capacitive switch,how does a capacitive switch work ,how do capacitive switches work ,how capacitive switches work ,how does a capacitive touch switch work ,how to make capacitive touch switch ,capacitive switches keyboard ,metal dome array ,add graphic overlays,graphic design color overlays,graphic overlays free,graphic design overlays,custom graphic overlays,stock membrane switch,how do membrane switches work,repair membrane switch,membrane switch printing,membrane keypad design,membrane push button,dome switch,membrane keypad arduino,large membrane switch,button membrane switch,membrane nintendo switchmembrane switch with led,membrane switch assembly,molex membrane switches,custom membrane keypad,on off membrane switch,custom membrane switch panel,best membrane keyboard,membrane keyboard keycaps,mechanical keyboard switches,membrane keyboard gaming,mechanical keyboard,membrane keyboard,membrane switches keyboard,membrane switch design,membrane keypad manufacturer,membrane switch manufacturers,single membrane switch,membrane switch keypad,membrane switch panel,single button membrane switch,tactile membrane switch,membrane switches manufacturers,membrane switch keyboard,custom membrane switches,Membrane Switches,membrane switch,membrane server labels switches custom,switch membrane panel switches technologies technology,membrane switches capacitive sensing,Membrane Keypads,membrane keypads,care health instrument keypads membrane,graphic membrane touch switches overlays keypads,membrane switch panel,Flexible Printed Circuit, Overlay,graphic overlay, Nameplate, Textplate, Graphic Plate,Capacitive Membrane,capacitive switch,capacitive proximity switch, EL,Electroluminescent Panel, electroluminescent panel suppliers,EL Panel,Manufacturers,Membrane Switches Manufacturers,Capacitive Membrane Manufacturers, EL Manufacturers, Overlay Manufacturers,Membrane Switches Supplier,Overlay, Label,keypads,switch,switches,Membrane,South East Asia,Asia,World,worldwide,membrane switch,Scrint,Scrint Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.,Screen Printing,11, Jalan PKNK 3/7,KAWASAN PERINDUSTRIAN SUNGAI PETANI,Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia,South East Asia,Asia,Global,World,worldwide,Earth,Embossing,cutting,punching,printing,assembly,adhesive,Polyester,screen printing,switches,keypad,custom keypad,custom switch,keyboard,touch keypad,sensor,SPE,screen printed electrodes,dome,flex circuit antenna,capacitive switch circuit,platic keypad overlay, Plastic Display,common sensor coil screen,membrane switch panel,channel screen printed,dome foil,Membrane Keyboard,Dome Switch,STICKER,NAME PLATE,input device,Exporters,Suppliers,quality membrane switch,Membrane Switch factory in the world,membrane switch factory in asia,membrane switch factory in Malaysia,Human Machine Interface,PCB membrane,membrane switches mounting,adhesive tape,membrane switch keypad,membrane switch southeast asia,membrane switch asia,membrane switch global,membrane switch worldwide